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Cargo Services

Kohistan Goods is equipped with several trailers and equipment specifically for transportation all your oversize and heavy loads. Over the years we have build and altered several pieces of equipment to transport specific loads. We have trailers for over width loads, lengths up to 100 feet, and weights up to 250 tons. We are very experienced in choosing our routes, and at time building our own routes to accomplish our goals. We will find a solution to all your transportation needs.

Car Carriers

Kohistan Goods car carriers specialized in transporting cars from one part of the country to another. When you book car transport needs with kohistan goods car carries you will receive service that is reliable and friendly. we have established a reputation with our regular clients for our professionalism and reliability. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. We believe the key is communication, both with our fleet and our customers. This helps avoid the typical transport hassles for our clients. Fleet of modern & well maintained trucks. As well as dedication to customer service, we make sure our trucks are the best possible condition. This means out clients don’t have worry about mechanical problems with our fleet.


We have cranes ranging from 20 Tons to 110 Tons. All our cranes are well maintained and certified from third party. Our crane operators are also technically experienced and certified from third party.


Kohistan’s Goods rig movement service is well known in the oil and gas industry and has been awarded for several years repeatedly for it contribution to the industry in term of reliable haulage services and dependability. We specialized in the rigs transportation for every where to any where in Pakistan. We have the largest fleet of different type of trailers and cranes, extremely important to provide an efficient rig transportation service.